Lagrangian Mechanics In Action

In this part, we'll finally get to what this course is actually about - Lagrangian mechanics. We'll be discussing all the basics of Lagrangian mechanics and how to use it, including generalized coordinates, generalized momenta and constraints.

This part will cover most of the things you need to know about Lagrangian mechanics, as well as some examples - lots of examples - to illustrate the points made.

Lesson Contents

The lesson contents for this part are found here (download link can be found below):

Part 4 (Lagrangian Mechanics In Action).pdf

This material corresponds to Chapter 4 in the book Lagrangian Mechanics For The Non-Physicist.

Lagrangian Mechanics: Problems & Practice Worksheet

You'll find the worksheet associated with this part below. The solutions can be found in Worksheets Solutions Manual.

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